About Gina

In 1984, I was an 18 years old student in R. Lee Conley’s government class at Portsmouth West High School and a registered Republican. It was so exciting to vote for our beloved, inspiring Ronald Reagan for the first time. Even back then, I knew the privilege of voting was the only way to make your voice heard and every vote counts.

Growing up, my family worked to instill values in me. Values we share – work hard, be fair, tell the truth, help others and save for the future.

I believe, through our shared values, we can come together and work together to keep making good things happen here in Scioto County and Southern Ohio.

My family values guide me in every decision I make. For many years my family owned and operated Bridwell’s General store in Nile Twp. My grandparents Rose and Noel Bridwell were active in our church. My other grandfather was Bob DeLong and he was a teacher and the principal of Nauvoo school.

They understood what it was to serve others. They built trust and helped friends and neighbors, the few who couldn’t read or write and who sometimes couldn’t afford food. They taught me if you see a need, you should try to fill it. And if we work together, we can achieve our goals. From a very young age, I worked in that general store and met some of the finest people you could ever meet who I call friends to this day.

When I was growing up, my dad was an operating engineer and Army veteran. He was a Nile Twp trustee and served for 12 years. He owned and operated a small construction company. He built things and helped others build things – houses, small businesses, roads, and more.

Mom was also a big influence on me. She showed me the joy in helping others. She was the Director of the Volunteer program at SOMC and retired from there after 10 years of service. Every day she managed to inspire thousands of people, from all walks of life, to come together to help others. And both of us are member of PALS working in the community. I am also a Southern Ohio Senior Games board member and the Secretary for the River Cities chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

So, now it’s my time. I’m ready to help build. I’m ready to go to work for you as your State Rep and I promise, I will serve with the truth and integrity my family taught me. I am a forward-thinker guided by traditional values.

Many know me from my early career as a musician. I started singing in church before I turned 6, and pursued music studies and a career with my husband Larry, who is a composer. We have been married for 26 years. We travelled for our career, but always lived in Scioto County. Together, we own a knowledge-based music publishing business selling original music to TV shows, advertising and film companies. Music is one of my greatest joys.

A focus on training and education will keep moving our communities forward. I graduated from Shawnee State University with an English degree, and then, the University of Cincinnati with a master’s degree in 2010. And, with those skills I worked as a substitute teacher in local schools and as an adjunct professor at Shawnee State University, off and on for the last 7 years. I really love teaching and mentoring young people. I hope to inspire young women and young men to be life-long learners.

I want everyone to have opportunities to succeed. We want our young people who graduate and excel to feel like they can come back here to their home, to work in their community to make it better, and not think they have to move away to reach their goals.

In 2012, I was hired as the Community Relations and Development Director for The Counseling Center and Compass Community Health to bring resources, build public awareness and develop community and business partnerships for the company. I left that job at the end of the year, to start a new media company, and focus on business development and youth prevention programs, like the Summer Outreach Club.

I want to finish with my vision for our community.

For the past 7 years, I have worked in the community to connect people to resources like education, health care, addiction treatment and youth drug prevention programs. And, as your state representative I promise to be the person who works to bring people together and bring opportunities to our area that will improve our community and our lives.

I will promote our area, our values and OUR people. We face challenges just like communities all across the state and nation, but when we come together and work hard, we can overcome anything. There are many volunteers and organizations today who are building a Recovery Community that others in our state and nation consider a model for how to begin to address the addiction issue. The issue that has impacted every family in our state and communities across the nation. It’s hurting our children, first responders, teachers, AND good men and women of all ages and faiths, but we will not be defined by this epidemic. We will continue to fight for our families.

I’m one of you. I share your values. I live and work here like my family has for generations. We love southern Ohio.

We can work together to make our future the best it’s ever been for ourselves, our friends and our neighbors. We will work to have the best schools, the strongest church families and the most successful businesses. We will work on great healthcare and high paying jobs. We will work for progress.

I’m Gina Hall Collinsworth. I’m asking for your help and your vote to be your State Representative on Tuesday, May 8th – Thank you!