The Issues


Gina Collinsworth is a forward thinker with traditional values – work hard, be fair, tell the truth, save for the future and help others. Her family values guide her in every decision she makes. Gina believes we cannot spend our way out of the current problems we face, and recognizes that Southern Ohio communities are not waiting on help from Big Government. The resilient and determined people of Southern Ohio are finding their own solutions, working proactively to improve job prospects and economic development, identifying partnership opportunities for schools and ways to support teachers and families, and improving quality of life for our people through initiatives to clean up public spaces, target the addiction crisis and improve access to healthcare.


Gina Collinsworth was hired as Director of Community Relations and Resource Development for a regional health and behavioral health company working on the frontline of the addiction crisis in 2012. Gina worked to develop community and business partnerships, find and secure resources to build plans and public awareness about the impact of addiction on families. Gina was successful in fundraising the yearly budget needed to support one of the longest running youth prevention programs in the state, The Summer Outreach Club, which has provided programming and opportunities to educate youth for more than 28 years. She knows what it is like to work with faith-based volunteers and community organizations to build a Recovery Community that leaders in our state and nation consider a blueprint for how to bring people together to begin to address the addiction issue.

The addiction issue has impacted every family in our state and communities across the nation. It’s hurting our children, first responders, teachers, law enforcement community and good men and women of all ages and faiths. Gina believes we will not be defined by this epidemic. We will continue to fight for our families, and keep fighting for better health care in our communities.


Gina is a lifelong learner. She graduated with an English degree from Shawnee State University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2010. And, with those skills she worked as a substitute teacher in local schools and as an adjunct professor at Shawnee State University, off and on for the last 7 years. Gina supports teachers and makes it a priority of her time to teach and mentor young people.

Gina believes everyone who has the desire to work hard should have opportunities to succeed. She wants our young people who graduate and excel to feel like they can come back here to their home and work in the community to make it better. She wants students to learn a 21st century trade skill and live and work here in their home to succeed and achieve their hopes and dreams, and not think they have to move away from Southern Ohio to reach their professional and personal goals.


Gina Collinsworth believes our Constitution is the underpinning framework for the success of our nation and our people. She supports and defends the Second Amendment. Gina’s grandfather Noel Bridwell was a sportsman and a world champion marksman who is recognized on the Portsmouth Ohio Wall of Fame for his achievements. She is proud of her family traditions and glad the men in her family made sure she could safely handle a firearm and participate in hunting and fishing traditions. Gina says, “I’m pretty sure I was the only girl in first grade who knew how to clean and gut a fish. I felt empowered by knowing how to take care of myself.”


Gina wants voters to know, in all things she is first a person of faith. She says, “I am pro-life. I am always going to defend and protect those who, for whatever reason, can’t defend themselves.”


Gina Collinsworth has a strong belief in God and is a member of the United Methodist faith family. She is positive and hopeful for our people and the future of our area. She will work tirelessly to promote Southern Ohio, our values and our people. She has often stated, “We face challenges just like communities all across America, but what makes our people and area unique is the dedication to our way of life and the support we give to each other through our churches, schools, family and friends.” Gina is co-chair of the volunteer project “Operation Thank You Scioto Veterans,” now in its fifth year. It is a donation drive to help food insecure veterans. Gina is also a Southern Ohio Senior Games Board Member, a charter member of the Portsmouth Area Ladies Inc. (PALS) nonprofit service organization and Secretary of the Public Relations Society of America, River Cities Chapter. Gina believes when we work together, we can overcome any obstacle.