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Collinsworth makes run for the statehouse

Scioto native says she’ll focus on jobs and quality-of-life issues – 

By Patricia Beech –
The People’s Defender

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Southern Ohio native, Gina Collinsworth has announced her candidacy for Representative of Ohio’s 90th District.

She says she’ll be a full-time legislator, if elected.

“There are some good things happening in our district,” she says. “But, I think in the upcoming election, it’s critical who we choose to lead us forward, and keep us moving forward.”

Collinsworth was born and raised in Scioto County and is a graduate of Portsmouth West High School. She says her love for her hometown prompted her to seek the office.

“I love living in an area where I know the people I pass on the street everyday,” she says. “They’re our greatest resource, and I don’t think there’s a problem that we can’t solve together – that’s how strongly I feel about our area and our people.”

Collinsworth, who is running on the Republican ticket, says if elected she will focus on jobs, job training, and “quality of life” issues such as healthcare, drug addiction, and drug prevention.
Additionally, she says she will work to expand internet service across all of southern Ohio.

“Connectivity in our classrooms and in our small businesses is a big issue that a lot of people are not aware of,” she says. “There are still people in Scioto County and parts of Adams County who don’t have access to the internet, so if their kids have an assignment at school requiring internet service, when they get home they can’t finish their work, and it’s causing some kids to fall behind.”

She says she would like to see political partisanship end, and that she is willing to legislate through compromise.

“The current political climate is hurtful to our area. Anytime you have people who are coming from opposite sides and will not compromise, somebody’s going to lose, and we know as voters we have not had a lot of success with people who won’t work together.”

Collinsworth believes her experience bringing companies, organizations, and individuals together to focus on community issues and initiatives has prepared her to work in a bipartisan manner.
“I’m not a politician and I’ve never run for office, but if I am elected I will work to find ways to bring us together,” she says. “There’s no benefit to retreating to our own corners where we know we will not find common ground.”

Collinsworth and her husband own an internet-based, music publishing company. She is also a board member for the Southern Ohio Senior Games; the Chapter Secretary for the Public Relations Society of American River Cities; and worked seven years in Community Relations and Resource Development at the Counseling Center and Compass Community Health; in addition to serving as a substitute teacher and adjunct professor at Shawnee State University.
“I have strong family values that guide me in every decision I make,” she adds. “One of those values is to help others and that’s why I’m running for office. I’m trying to find a way to help our area and help our people because they are our greatest asset, and we all deserve to have a great life.”